Competition is for losers

Valerij Daniloff
4 min readJul 7, 2022


When two or more humans enter the arena of competition, they enter the arena of conflict.

When two or more humans stand on each side to conquer the other,

to win the fight,

competition is present.

What most humans don't understand is that whenever they enter the arena of competing against each other, they automatically produce the possible outcome of losing.

So both sides want to win, and one must lose for the other to triumph.

If I ask a person that is in for the competition; why do you compete?

They will say to me that they compete because they want to win, and they don't want to lose.

If I then ask; Why do you not want to lose?

They will look a bit strange at me before they replay that they are attending their field in order to win, so they can experience winning and the trophies that it can provide.

If I then ask; Ok, but how come you compete and then flee the possibility of losing? What if you enter the arena without competing and therefore the possibility of losing is not an option?

This is where society falls apart.

This is the bridge it cannot cross.


Because society is a mediocre mass that seeks the conflict of competition for a reward and a feel-good pleasure chase.

They are into practice and they want the hacks to beat their competition.

They cannot see their own tire stuck in the mud.

They completely fall apart at this point.

If you ask that question, just watch my friend, they will respond in a hurry with a tone in their voice of effort to convince you. They are responding as an opinion and beliefs from their indoctrinated ideologies of how it should be.

This is where they give away their game, and this is where you turn around and leave because they only breed the voice of the mediocre masses. There is absolutely nothing there for the rare individual.

Questions create paths. Quick answers as a reactive parrot lead one only to limitations and stops.

If one chases the desire for success itself, it can be dangerous, for it tends to be a situation in which the man is trying to overcome the feeling of inadequacy and inferiority, so they think success will fix them and they use it as a tool for self-preservation.

They do not realize, that success is not about succeeding.

For succeeding implies the possibility of failure.

Most humans practice for practice’s sake.

They practice because they fear being out-practiced by their competition.

To practice is no crime, it is a culturazation.

The man who learns the ins and outs, the patterns, the tendencies, and the nature of things as they relate to his craft, cannot fail.

The man who works hard, practices, and competes will fail over and over, even if he becomes world-class.

The competition is based upon hard work, practice, and the limitations of what others have done before. The competitive human that imbibes this is only competing so he can beat his opponent. This is his game, and that is a game of losers because, at one point, he will lose. Even if he has a streak of winning, he loses because he still is in the game only to dominate the other, not to own every inch of his craft in the field he is in.

Two players say; “You have not mastered this craft, and I have not either. So the only option we have is to compete for the prize. Let’s fight.”

When two sides compete, they always meet in the middle.

Either the one who is better competes down to the other,


the one who is losing is competing up to the one who is winning.

They both are playing the game of dominance and prizes.

They both play the game of commercialism and front cover magazines.

They are both attending a zero-sum game.

The master on the other hand does not play to compete.

He is playing to master his craft.

The elite, can arrive at the game and never enter the competition whatsoever.


Because he has discovered the truth about his craft within the arena.

Because he has devoted himself to the mastery of his abilities.

He is only attending the arena of competition for the sake of technicality. This means, that if you want to play chess, you must follow the rules of chess, or you cant play.

Even in the games of professionals, you see mediocrity.

Look at the game of football, for example.

When team A is leading 4–0 over team B, and there are 20 minutes left of the game, team A slows down because they are pretty sure they will win it. They are only chilling for the last minutes because they have won. They are only there to compete, they are not interested to be masters.

They want to win, and as long as ones game is to attain competition, to win and not to lose, so they can self-preserve and get the pleasurable feeling of dominating their opponents,

one will always play the game,

of losers.