When more than one human is present, defense occurs in various forms of self-preservation.

Cosmetics are born and the mask is on to live up to one's own identity.

There is nothing strange with how society is.


Because as stated, if almost everybody puts a mask on to out mask the other for the sake of self-preservation, to protect oneself from the other, to look good in their view so that they can feel good about themselves, then the society is set up exactly as it is meant to be.

How can it be otherwise?

How can there be millions and billions of truthful humans if everybody is afraid of everybody, and by default protecting oneself?

It cannot be otherwise until everybody stops the game of masks.



A man enters a cafeteria…

A: What do you want handsome?

B: Honestly, do you actually think I'm handsome?

A: Yes I do.

B: Be honest, you can't hurt me.

A: Ok, I do not actually.

B: Then why did you say so?

A: I guess I wanted to make you feel good.

B: Why?

A: Why what?

B: Why were you trying to make me feel better?

A: Because that's what people do.

B: “Silence"

A: Because… Because I wanted you to like me, so I lied.

B: And how do you feel now?

A: I feel a bit strange but somehow relieved.

B: “smile"