You are a set of neurons that you can change

Why do two people find themselves in a disagreement with each other?

Why do they agree?

Why does one belief counter another?

Why does conflict arise between someone?

Why does one resist opinions and cling to their own?

A person (A)grows up in a house with two parents and a society we call X.

Another person (B) grows up in an apartment with her mother in another society we call Y.

Person A is 40 years old and person B is 20 years old.

Person A is a man, person B is a woman.

Let’s say that they meet in a common arena.

Because these two have lived in and been exposed to different circumstances, they have different biology and chemistry, so what will they represent?

There is no doubt that X and Y have their own identifications. They have become what they have been exposed to throughout their life with a foundation of their own personal biology and chemistry.

Let us illustrate that in their communication with each other, they can not seem to have a rational dialog, and they both fire against each other, and resist the opinions and beliefs of the other.

What is really happening in the background?

The reality of the very basis of their own identity is the conditioning that has been brought on them as they have been exposed to their life through their sensations, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings and is now playing out as action.

The action, is a reaction based on what?

It is a reaction to their neurons which have through exposure been placed in a certain way, become an individual structure, and are now acting from their very biology as a set of neurons that fire and wire.

Because they are in dispute or an argument, they both feel various emotions like irritability and frustration.


Because when a person is contradicting the very structure of neurons that has been set in a certain structure, which has been set as their knowledge and experiences through their exposures, their identity is hurt, and the amygdala (The amygdala is commonly thought to form the core of a neural system for processing fearful and threatening stimuli, including detection of threat and activation of appropriate fear-related behaviors in response to threatening or dangerous stimuli.), turns on and resists the new information that the brain and nervous system does not recognize as a set of neurons stored in their brain and body.

This is the core of their dispute and disagreement.

In other words, habits are being challenged, and because it hurts, your neurons will resist and fight back when the amygdala turns on.

What must be understood is that in this situation which happens in everyday life in different fields on our planet earth, is that both do not have an understanding of what has been written so far in this text, and therefore their neurons can’t change and adapt, so they will continue to further their frustrations.

Person A and person B do not understand what forces are in motion in themselves, and by default, they cannot understand the others, and the dispute will be the outcome unless they walk away from the dialog with the continuation of their turmoils, because there is still no understanding. And because the understanding has not been established, the next fight is just around the corner.

Let us look at another example;

Let's say a parent has a 7-year-old child, and the parent does not understand the child's 7-year-old nervous system, brain, mind, behavior, and the function of the child's neurons as well as his own.

What happens when the child disobeys or makes a mess that contradicts the parent's behavioral patterns and beliefs and opinions and the whole business of it?

The parent will react according to her own conditioning, knowledge, and experience.

In other words, she will be reflexive as to how her neurons are structured. And she can only act from the state she is in. This may lead to frustration and conflict.

On the other hand, if she did understand that the child's frontal lobe, (which is responsible for higher cognitive functions such as memory, emotions, impulse control, problem-solving, social interaction, and motor functions) is far from properly developed, and if she is aware of her own, she will be conscious and act in a totally different way.

Can you see the difference?

Let's look at another;

When you drive your car, and you look in the rear mirror and observe that another human is driving their car very close to yours, making you anxious because in case you have to brake hard, the other car will probably drive into you.

Again, if you do not understand yourself, and by default you will not understand that the other human is wired and conditioned, making an unconscious habit of driving too close to your car in front, you will react in frustration and may yourself react irrationally, starting to break a bit stiff to make a point, causing an even more dangerous situation.

Instead, one who understands will act intelligently, finding the very best solution to any given situation without having the need to burst into irrationality, making chaos instead of order.

Another example;

You are not reacting in frustration when you hear a dog barking at the store of animal-planet, because you have an understanding of what you are being exposed to and you understand that dogs can’t speak like you.

When speaking within the arena of neuroscience, one must be very careful not to fall into the pitfall of intellectualism. It is easy to hide behind a set of intellectualistic publishing and peacock oneself out to the world to show off.

So, can a person change their neurons?


And through an understanding of one's own habits, conditioning, exposures, thoughts, feelings, and biology, the very neurons will change and make new connections, and develop a deeper understanding which is intelligence.

This is for me, the most effective way to act in life, as life.

Through the understanding and investigation.


Because when one understands, it’s permanent. It doesn’t require further maintenance. It has hit the very core of the situation.

This is intelligence.

When one understands the function and behavior of neurons, one starts to become aware of one's own patterns, meaning one becomes conscious and stops being a reactive, reflexive human being, bouncing between random circumstances that appear in Xs and Ys day-to-day life.

One will naturally bring out frustration and turmoil when one does not understand and live as an unconscious, reactive creature.

And when one is aware,

the neurons change the structure,

and are conscious of chaos and order,

when one understands.


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