Will Smith was right about happiness, partially…

Human wants more,

human want to achieve and accumulate,

human desires to become,

human craves the absolute and the ultimate,

human wants to feel happy.

I saw a clip of Will Smith talking about two humans in a relationship, coming into it with individualistic goals. He said that the two can not make the other happy. They can make the other smile or feel good for a moment, but can’t make the other happy.

Although the statement might be true, it does not provide an understanding of the relationship between happiness and humans. It needs further investigation. If not, it will only be an intellectual comment that sounds nice and logical, but it will not move a human being. It will not make a human realize what the strings behind the curtains.

Let us investigate.

Humans seek happiness every second of their life.


The reason a human wants happiness above all is that human lives in a state of anxiety all the time, and he experiences glimpses of happiness in between.

One is always seeking a moment away from misery, and the solution is happiness because one wants to separate oneself from anti-happiness, pain, anxiety, misery, sorrow, depression, and all the rest of it.

He wants a moment of peace.

What the human has not seen, and realized, is that one’s own mind plays tricks on him. It tricks him into the minds arena. It invites the human into the mind’s own playground, where the mind can make his masterpiece by enslaving the human.

What do I mean by that? What trick?

Human does not understand, that the way happiness is born, is out of misery, or anti-happiness. If a human were to be in a state of happiness, one would not seek it, one would only live in happiness and one would not try to become anything, because one is happy.

But the reality is not so.

As the human seeks the moment away from misery to gain happiness, the mind plays a trick on the human.

The trick of permanence.

The mind sells happiness to the human and tells him that the happy state will be permanent, forever, as an arrival.

The human of course feels the pleasure, enjoying the state, and goes along with it, until the happy state deteriorates and goes back into misery and anxiety.

Do you see the circle?

Can you see, that your happiness is made out of your misery and anxiety?

Can you feel the trick your own mind is playing on you, tossing you back and forth between misery and happiness?

The truth is that happiness is born out of misery.

If one wants happiness, then misery is one’s best friend.

Happiness and misery are closely related, and one cannot live without the other.

The human’s entire life is a life looking for happiness in various fields and arenas.

The books one has read,

the substances one has taken,

the show one has seen,

the food one has made,

the places one has visited,

the way one makes his hair,

the clothes one wears to make others appreciate,

the status one has achieved to make others confirm,

the beliefs one makes to give meaning,

the becoming,

the possessions…

After all this searching and looking for it, one finds oneself in the continuation of looking. Why hasn’t it stopped? Why hasn’t the human arrived after so many years of seeking?

It is because, along the way, one has experienced moments of happiness within a life of pain and misery.

One has therefore developed a taste for it, and become addicted to it.

Do you see it now my friend?

Do you see the trick?

Do you see the habit?

Allow me to explain;

These moments of happiness one experiences are not moments of permanence, it is not moments of what can be, and what can last,

they are bait,

they are bait to keep you running,

they are the pill to keep you wanting, forever binding you to the chase, never arriving at peace and freedom.

If one genuinely seeks to know where happiness is truly found, one will find it in a place that one never thought to look.

But more importantly, one will find it in that place where few will visit even if they are given the location.

I will give you the location now. You are free to do with it as you please.

Here it is: If there is such a thing as happiness. It is found in abandoning, the need to have it.



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