What is Time?

Time, not the clock but psychological time, can make a person feel that the time is going very fast when one is busy, or very slow when one is bored.

Humans live in time.

As long as one’s brain lives in the realm of time, always endeavouring to become, one will suffer. It does not matter what one achieves, one will suffer.

When one understands this very very deeply, suffering ends.

Can the brain realize that it is constantly living in time, and that as long as it is moving in a direction, it will create conflict, and therefore suffer?

Is outward pressure going to make one realize?

Is endeavour going to?

Is cleverness?

Certainly not. Mankind has tried this for years. Upon effort and mechanical discipline, the mind will resist or escape or both.

If the brain is not capable of realising its path toward endless conflict, it means that it is resisting and acting upon the seeing of its self-conflict.


Because it is used to it. It is conditioned. It is a habit to it. It is somehow sick and patterned in its behaviour.

It is in momentum.

So man has tried everything. Fasting, celibacy, power, all kinds of pleasures, religion, social media, the idea of god, gurus, schools, teachings, flying to the moon, socialization… The commenator in all that is an outward movement through time.

  • Time

Time is the origin of all problems. If one can live beyond time, he will be free.

Every method man has ever used, implies time.

As long as it has a movement and direction, time must be. To deny time is to deny all the methods, and all the methods are invented from one’s thoughts. So to deny time is to deny oneself.

This is very hard for a human.

So how will one realize this? It seems that it cannot be taught, told, or pressurized. How shall one see this?

To see without bringing judgement. Without condemning or agreeing, to look at it new and freely, can only be done if the human is free from his own knowledge and experience. Free to see without applying or withdrawing.

Well, the beautiful thing is, that already when asking these questions that this writing has been about, implies that one is going into this and questioning to find out deeply, one is meditating when asking and enquiring this. One is already acting immediately with no time.

One is free to ask and inquire and investigate unconditionally.

The door is now open. And one can therefore see the poison and then go through the door without fear. One has become free, timeless, to see that time has no place inwardly. By default, the brain abandons time.

It abandons thought and therefore oneself because oneself is his thoughts.

Intelligence and wisdom flowers,

and from that,

a problem-free,

beautiful harmony in balance.



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