What is Hope?

Why do you Hope?

Is hope good, or is it bad for you?

Do you need hope?

Is there any real value in hoping?

The words and thoughts; I hope….only come when?

It comes only when a person has made a vision of a future event in the individual's favor.

Doesn't it?

Is there any other reason for hope and your creation of it?

It is never said; “hope”…, and then silence after the word or thought.

It always stated as; “I hope…”

Hope is created when the desire for something meets the imaginary expectation of that desire.

This is hope digested and fragmented to understand its presence.

This is the investigation of hope to understand it and to do that, I must question it and refine it via questions to come as close as possible to the core of its nature.

I can see that in certain situations, hope is useful, and in others, it is a joker.

I hope the weather is good tomorrow so I can do…

I hope you love me and only me…

I hope I can reach a level so I can…

I hope my investment will…

I hope the other person accepts me…

I hope you notice me…

I hope I can make it…

I hope this works…

I hope you get hurt…

I hope…

Hope comes in many fields, but all the fields come from the same root, it has the same goal, and they call for the same outcome.

The outcome of pleasing the “I”.

As one creates hope, one is actually time-traveling.

What do I mean by that?

When one hopes, one wants something in the future, and that very want is created from one's past. The hope itself has its feelings in the presence of one hoping for X or Y.

This means, that if one wants a certain outcome in the future for self-beneficial purposes, one does not have what he wants and by default the mind makes an artificial plan to reach a certain goal to achieve this or that.

Hope is the brother to desire, and it is created because you took the bait, which is now the pleasurable feeling of reaching the goal of ones desire.

Is that wrong?


Is that right?


Those kinds of questions when unraveling hope is ineffective.


If one says it is wrong,

are you going to stop hoping?

If one says it is right, are you going to stop hoping then?

It is simply just a chit-chat without any value.


I am simply investigating what hope and its relatives do to one so that the human can understand its aspect of his life as it arises here and there.

I have never chosen a specific hope, and I have never been able to forget a hope,

but what I can do,

is to understand its nature so that hope does not become yet another belief and opinion that do not have any real value to a human being. (see the article https://valerad.medium.com/opinions-and-beliefs-are-useless-a597f1d2c66a) It only creates confusion and conflicts.

Therefore, one can unravel hope as this text has been trying to do,

to understand yet another set of day-to-day life experiences,

to get the bottom,

and then never be a victim of it.


Because being a victim is a very counterintuitive place to be, it is escapism.

And that,

I hope you nor I never enter.



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