What are conditioning and habits?

Valerij Daniloff
3 min readSep 6, 2022


I often use the word conditioning when I write.

Everybody is conditioned, everybody, in some way.

But what does it mean?

It means; Your habits.

It means your very neurons are set in a way that has become your code of living based on your exposure to the world via your senses and how they are perceived.

It means this has shaped your DNA in a particular way.

What you have become used to, in every way.

From the way you walk, to the way you react emotionally, to the way you hold your coffee cup, to the way you manage your finances.


If you look closer, you will see that during your day, every day, you either add a new habit or you are trying to get rid of an old one.

Isn't it so?

Take some seconds off reading now, and think of it.

What are you doing right now?

Well, you are reading, and this is probably a habit of yours, or it is a habit you are applying.

Where do these habits come from?

Let's unwrap it;

You walk down the street, there is noise, there is wind, there are colors, there is smell, there is touch. Your senses are picking all this up and then you perceive it. Your nervous system, made up of neurons is making connections or changing connections and they make a specific sculpture which they put into your whole map, piece by piece.

Next time you walk in the same place, the experience is not 100% the same, because now you know the place, you have stored it in your brain as memory and knowledge even though the street is not the same with different weather and people and so on, it is still very much alike and a habit is forming. Your body and mind are now getting used to this place and it feels safe to walk here because now you have done it 5 days a week walking to work.

It is now a habit, you are conditioned by it.

And often when that happens, one has secretly made another habit, and that is when you are so used to it that it has become auto-mode.

You walk there as you did yesterday and you are just conscious enough to not get hit by a truck.

You are in zombie-mode, thinking about something else while you habit yourself from A to B.

This is where the mind gets dull. It is just a condition.

Is it wrong?

Only you can answer that for yourself.

Now, can you see the attachment you have made from the example above? Attachment to the habit.

Because, if something unexpected were to happen along the way, you would be thrown off your track, feeling stressed and emotional.

These are the neurons that are now challenged and turn on the amygdala in your brain to protect yourself from danger, ready you for a moment to battle. Sweating, stressing, feeling of rush, and so on.

Can you now take this example, and think about what happens when you look at tik-tok for hours every day?

The same will happen there.

Adding a layer of habits that will become blended into your whole being of conditioning.

And this is how it goes. Forming you to be exactly what you are right now.

This is the reality.

There is one more habit I would like to mention.

And that is the habit of seeing the habits.

To understand the whole business of habits, how they form and the consequences one must face when one wants to inhabit something.

You see, when one understands what this whole process of this text has been all about, one is never a victim of one's own habits. One is now free from unconsciously falling into pits where life becomes a struggle. It is this one code in the core of you that makes you being conscious and aware of what is going on.

It brings a curiosity about one's own being, mind, brain, nervous system…

And it is automatically on.

And this little code is called,


understanding every inch of one's own conditioning. Every aspect of life.

And when one does that,

one can never fall for bad habits,


one does never have to struggle to get out.