Understanding the source of Problems

Why does one have problems?

Problems of knowledge, psychological problem, problems of any kind, problems with the other person?

And if one has a problem, why does one not end it instantly, and not carry it over and over and over again for the rest of life?

It is important to understand that if a person does not end the problem immediately, one will think about the problem, worry about it, creating anxiety, and that will deteriorate the brain cells.

It will speed up the aging of the mind, making it dull, and tired, creating a burden, a heavy lifting carrying it from day to day, starting to run from it via substances and other forms of escapes, making the runaway itself an addiction which creates a new problem and carries that also, making the mind twisted and wrecked, losing its capacity and elasticity to be dynamic, wild, in order, intelligent and free.

So, when one carries a problem over and over for years, it will deteriorate the brain, and also, as a by-product and consequence, it starts deteriorating the physical order of the body.

Suppose one has a problem.

Can one end it as it arises?

Without any effort whatsoever?

(We are talking about psychological problems. Relationships, measuring, comparison, society, mood swings, validation, confirmation, need, becoming, beliefs, overthinking, confusion, self-conflicts, violence, disorder, turmoil as feelings, heavy thoughts…)

Again, suppose one has a problem,

if one approaches it with the desire to end it, approaching it with a determined purpose, a direction, a vector, and a need to end it to gain something, it may distort the problem itself, create further confusion, and a birth to a new problem.

If one comes to it with a motive, and the motive will dictate the answer to the problem, trying to end the problem, then one is approaching it with a conclusion, with already premeditated intentions.

Can you see the black hole it is making? Digging further and further. Can you feel the conditioning?

So, the problem remains, whereas if you can free yourself from the motive, from the direction without searching and craving for the answer, then you come to it free, whatever the problem is.

Understand this very truth;

A free mind doesn’t create problems. It meets problems, then acts, but it doesn’t create problems.

Only a human mind creates problems, no other creature of nature in the very cosmos has it, creating it, only the humans and their brain.

The human mind that is conditioned, chained, and enslaved, creates problems to justify its existence.

What do I mean by that?

Allow me to explain;

Man has no problems. He never had any problems. All the problems a man experiences, he has created within his mind, as illusions, as imaginations.


He creates problems to make his life matter, to support his image, to further his opinions, to support his existence.

One says he wants to get rid of his problems, but this is his clever mind speaking. He actually does not want to get rid of his master creation, his problems. For if a man loses his problems, he loses himself, and he will fight you to the death before he hands over his creation, and the doses of the self-help to play the game of getting rid of his problems.

This is the mind at work from its mastery, it is so clever, it is so cunning.

The very twist of the creation of the problems to further them into the future is that as the human mind creates problems, and having created them, people approach them with fear and anxiety, seeking consultants from others. Go through all the movements of trying to solve it with an outside force.

If one investigates the problem, particularly observing what the problem is, and the root of it, it will tell you the whole story of itself.

As long as the brain is trying to think of ways out of it, it is still furthering the problems, enlarging the problems, because it is the very brain that is thousands of years old that have created the problems and are trying to solve them through a preconditioned purpose through fear and anxiety, attacking the very self that has created it. It is afraid of admitting that oneself is the mother of all the problems, and would rather run away from it, hide, or fight it.

It is deteriorating, spinning further in confusion, creating conflicts, and reacting to conflicts with violence.

It is completely self-destructive, and dangerous, and needs to break the pattern of thinking and conditioning through insight, and be completely free,

then the problem that arises will automatically, without any outside source and force vanish and never arise again, because the mind is free, creative, and full of energy, never creating problems.

It has seen the very truth of the problem, the fact, the very actuality of it.

If the reader is thinking, “how do I do it?”

The “how” implies a system, a method, somebody to tell one how to do.

The very thinking of how (which is basically how the whole of humankind is thinking), is the furthering of the problem, the search to end it, not understand it. When somebody tells you what to do, the mind will be temporarily satisfied with its hunger to end it, and one is back in the game of its old habits, continuing on the same track…

Only through investigation of the very source of the problem-creator, freeing oneself from it, realizing the center of it, the mind will be free and it will by default stop creating problems and it will not fear facing them. The whole pattern will cut off and not rise again if one has the ability and capacity to look and observe the very root of what creates the problem.

And root, the producer, conductor of the problems,

are the mind,

its thoughts,








the very, You.

The You that you hate and love.

The You that smiles on the outside and cries on the inside.

To have no You, is to have no problems.



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