The victim and the master of circumstance and their outcome

Valerij Daniloff
2 min readSep 6, 2022


Person A and person B comes to a place in life that we call X, and more or less the same circumstances happen to both.

Both have the same amount of technical knowledge in the field of this very circumstance. The circumstance happens against both favors. For instance, both can be investors in the stock market and the trade does not go in their favor.

Person A is unaware, reactive, ignorant, reflexive, and unable to observe, investigate, and explore. He fears uncertainty and insecurity rise within him, and so he reacts to it.

Person B is aware, and conscious of his actions and behavior, he understands himself as he has investigated and explored the whole aspect of how his whole being is and has become. His biology, thoughts, knowledge, experience, perceptions, sensations, and actions have become more organized and clear to him. He is in a place where he does not fear uncertainty and though there is no insecurity.

For person A, the circumstance will be felt through a lance of attack and defense. He feels that the circumstance is happening to him and though he is reacting in some kind of frustration, digging the black hole even deeper, walking a line of self-destruction and deterioration.

Person B understands that the circumstance is a coincidence and it will randomly go with or against him, but he understands that he will prevail over time and he also understands that he cannot control the timing of this particular situation, so he is not reactive to the outcome and by default he had no hope pre-outcome either. He simply adapts to the situation and makes the very best and most rational decision according to his skills and understanding at the moment.

Person A crashes and person B naturally grows without even trying to do so.

He will grow as a byproduct of the understanding of himself and what he is exposed to. While person A does not and puts up a fight every time something goes against him.

Now imagine that there are 100 small circumstances happening every day to both, and imagine the approach they have to the circumstances and what the natural outcome will be like in 10 or 20 years.

I'll let you do the math.

Understanding is everything.