The rational man

Valerij Daniloff
3 min readMay 10, 2022

What is rational?

What does it mean for a human to be irrational?

What does a man mean, when he claims to be rational?

I have often come upon writings or statements that one must become rational.

That if one is rational, he will succeed in the game of life.

What does that really mean?

Lets investigate together.

First, when a man says he must become rational to succeed, he is really being irrational.


Because he thinks that he can use rationality as a tool to get his prize. At the same time, he says that he must become rational without realizing that if one must become rational, it means he is in the state of irrationality, otherwise he would not need to become it, he would simply be rational.

So the man is diluting himself, running around in circles, trying through effort and cleverness to use a tool of rationality to get to his prize, whatever it may be. He is completely fooling himself, thinking that he is rational by thinking he can become rational.

Can you see it? The whole notion of dilution.

The man wanting to become has a desire to be something else than what he is. He wants this because what he is, is not good enough in the sense of what society thinks a human shall be. So he makes an idea that if he can become X, he will be free from chasing and be free of his problems when X is reached.

This is irrational. Just look at the evidence and do not accept what you just read.

Therefore, to reach his goals, he invents tools and applies them along the road to escape the fear that comes from the possibility that he might not reach his goals, and that he is not what he desires to become.

Again, man is irrational, because he applies rituals, theories, and prescriptions that are abstract to reality.

So man, in the romantic sense says, “I will be rational”.

What he means is he will be a robot, unconnected to his feelings because they are in his way of reaching his goals.

Man is again irritational by thinking that he can suppress his feelings and become a machine by applying psychological tools.

So man is irrational in the field of his psyche and mentality. He is deceiving, diluting, and fooling himself.


Because man operates within thought. He brings his thoughts that contain his past knowledge and experience from his memories and invent ideas he can live up to.

When the whole world does this, why wouldn’t he?

He has entered a society where all the humans are irrational and they have been preaching their dogmas into this human and of course, he will be indoctrinated to become one of the pack. This is rational.

So, where does the chain break?

When does a human stop being irrational?

It is beautiful when it happens because the human will in a moment bear out intelligence and by default, he will start to be rational without any effort or any outward pressure of any kind.

I will tell you the secret, you can do with it what you like.

Here it is;

A human will be rational,

when he realizes,

that for all his life,


has been,