The Path to Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is freedom from the mind.

The only reason that any human being is not free is because of his mind.

It is the mind, which creates his tortures. It is the mind which creates his anxieties. It is the mind which creates his conflicts. It is the mind which creates its rules. He is imprisoned by the mind, not anything else.

Any freedom that leads to the desire for more freedom is not freedom.

The belief is that anxiety and fears and pain arise from circumstance, that they arise from other people. As long as that belief is invested inside of someone, he will spend his life trying to change circumstances and that will be an endless chase.

Everyone’s looking for truth, whether they look for truth or not.

The evidence for that is that everyone is looking for a way out of their problems. If they weren’t, then there wouldn’t be 1000 hacks on every single corner from spirituality and self-help. The very fact that those things exist and that they are populated by millions of people means that there’s an enormous appetite for relief from problems.

No human being actually wants to be told what to do. There’s something within a human being that rejects the idea of being told what to do. Even when you do give prescriptions, most don’t follow them and they will beg you for years to get the prescription, and when you give it, they won’t do it.

People look at that and say: “see, you’ve been given the prescription and you didn’t follow it. That’s your fault”. No, it’s not. The fault is believing that that’s what they really wanted.

Freedom is really what everyone is looking for. It is just that they’ve been sold many lies that it’s about meditating and it’s about practicing mindfulness and it’s about doing all these things and none of those things are wrong.

It’s all about the question. If your question is: “I like to feel better for 30 minutes a day. What can I do?”. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But if the question is: “I only want to have peace in my life, I don’t want to have problems every single day. My entire life is spent putting out fires. I don’t want that anymore.” That’s a different question and prescriptions are invalid for that.

The idea that someone should get rid of for example anxiety, is the problem. The way is actually to learn where anxiety comes from. The people who have conquered anxiety, are the ones who had a clear understanding of what it is and where it came from.

The solution to a problem is never the solution. It’s always the problem.

The solution to any problem lies squarely deep within the problem.

Everyone is taught to look for solutions and they believe that the solution is independent of the problem.

The definition of the problem is the key.

A specific example:

In the case of anxiety, a person asks: “How do I get rid of anxiety?” The problem isn’t that they have anxiety. The problem is that their anxiety will never end as long as they look for solutions. The solution is to go backwards. It’s to see that there is anxiety, put a name on it, when does it arise, what part of your body does it arise in, in what situations does it arise? Know the face of anxiety, not run, or hide or fight it.

There’s no solving, it is, simply understanding the problem.

Your answer lies in the problem, and from that, freedom will be.


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