The Man and his Problems

Valerij Daniloff
2 min readApr 8, 2022


What man experiences every day, is the effort of removing himself from a problem.

Man thinks that the problem is “out there”, and he can use a tool to remove it. He uses his tool like he would use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

He has divided the problem and himself.

The truth is that he does not know what the actual problem is, and by default he uses the tool to get rid of the circumstance, not the core of his problem.

Imagine that a man has fear. What does the man do about it?


Physical workout



Talking to a friend

Using social media

Go for a run

Hurt himself through punishment

Use discipline

Suppress his emotions

Find a guru

Eat candy

Watch a movie



Stay busy

Consume stuff


Do violence

Help others

None of the things above will cure him. He will not arrive because the problem will arise again tomorrow.

All of the things above are an escape, a fight, or hiding from the fact, from the truth.

Let us go into it;

A man has a problem. For the problem to vanish and never arrive again, the man must see the problem, not the solution. The man can not see the problem as long as he is the same man that created the problem. The man must therefore realize that he himself is the problem and he must come to a realization that he himself is not what he thinks he is. He must see that all of his knowledge, rituals, habits, and beliefs are all cosmetic lies. The only man that is able to see this is a free man that is unconditioned because the conditioned man is so trapped that the only thing he sees is his own beliefs that have been created by his thoughts which is knowledge from the past stored as memory and experience. Unless the man can free himself from that, he will forever stay in the loop of conditioned lies. He will forever use the tools to escape.

When a man has realized this, the problem will never arise again and he is absolutely free.

When this understanding hits a home run, the outcome is intelligence. Not intellectualism and theoretical dogmas. Not a plan and academic study.

But truth. Wisdom. Freedom.

He has understood.

He has arrived.