The Lazy who Procrastinates

Valerij Daniloff
5 min readMay 2, 2022


Many times I have heard a human say to another human “you are lazy”. This has been said to a human that does not act as the other human wants you to act. If one hesitates and procrastinates, one carries laziness according to society.

But why is one lazy? What is lazy? Why does one delay a task and procrastinate?

When one is lazy in another’s eyes, he is unworthy, he is less than the active and busy.

Many years ago I read about a famous football coach who wrote a book. In his book, he said, “if you can do something now, do not wait until tomorrow”. Although the statement might be the most effective outcome, he never got into the reasons why one does not do the task right away. The statement then just became an intellectual rule, and if you did not follow it you should be ashamed of yourself.

This to me is a superficial way of living a life. To just apply a rule and live up to it and follow it and never ask the question “why do I not act?”.

You see, it seems to me that it is agreed upon that if one does hesitate, one is lazy and this is a bad thing according to the mass. It seems to me that the mass has agreed upon and decided that it is good to do it right away, and bad to procrastinate.

Yet, everybody I have ever met procrastinates in some field of their life, and they always have an excuse for why it may be so. If one must have an excuse, it means that they have done something that they thought should not be so, and therefore one must protect their act and behavior.

Making an idea, a rule, a ritual, a plan, and then deviating from it, brings shame and pain.

This is a very counterintuitive way to live, and it is no surprise to me that it is so.

If you may, let us investigate and observe what it is laziness and procrastination. Let us look deeper to understand. Not just to accept a rule that is common, but to examine the truth behind all the curtains.

If one stands in front of a present task, and he does not do it, one postpones it and says to himself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

Does one has a will and want to do it?

If one had a passion for it, would one hesitate?

Or is it that one is trying to force oneself to do the task because someone has said that this is good for you? One has planted an idea in your mind that this is the way, and they know better than you so you also should follow it, and if you don’t you are a failure.

I am not talking about taking the dishes. I am talking about much more profound things like what a man pursuits and the whole structure of living a life.

Have you ever noticed that in some fields you act right away? And in those fields, your thoughts are not present. You just find yourself doing it without a moment of hesitation. A genuine, natural craft of you. Whatever it might be.

Then there are common pursuits that the mass has agreed upon one should do. When one opens up Instagram or TikTok, the thing being sold is a pursuit of happiness. Happiness is sold to you as a reward if you also follow the rules of the masses, to become successful and rich and pretty and important and dominant through various arenas. And if you do not follow the rules, the need for happiness as the masses value, there will have an outcome, a consequence of the opposite of the reward, punishment. The anti-happiness. Pain, depression, sorrow, and all the rest of it.

This is a function of a dull and restless mind. It has no capacity to enquire because the dull mind is not free. It is a slave.

So, what does a human do when he attends the games of the masses?

He starts to make imaginary ideas of the nirvana of life he will get if he also pursues the rules of success. He also attends to the crafts of what is in demand in society. So instead of acting upon the genuine craft on has, he starts to act upon a craft that the masses have agreed upon is in demand and that pursue will give you happiness, which is anti-happiness, which is a moments of relief from turmoil.

Can you see now, that the human who is following the rules of pursuing something popular, is now stepping into a world of laziness and procrastination? Can you see that one is now trying through effort and discipline to follow and pursue a ritual, making step-by-step plans to overcome the laziness, to beat the procrastination? Can you see the self-conflict taking place? Can you see that one is only making these efforts and hard work when one steps into the game of society? Can you see the poison one is drinking?

There is nothing wrong to try out different crafts in one’s life. There is nothing wrong with playing the game of society. If one does it and has an effect from it then that is the truth of it and right and wrong are just another concept.

Then why do I speak of it?

Because when a human steps into the games of the masses, there is a big chance of being conditioned and brainwashed and never being able to realize and observe and come to the truth of the whole circus. One will forever chaise, and he will always bring effort and discipline and naturally live in pain, and conflict because he will be lazy and he will procrastinate forever.

The human who sees it for what it is has the possibility of stepping out of the game and being absolutely free to pursue their craft if he wishes to.

This human must have the capability of realizing his own conditioning. By nature, he will stop procrastinating and will never be lazy again in his life, because there is nothing to procrastinate, nothing to be lazy about.


Because laziness and procrastination are the tools humans use to escape the truth. It is a run from pain, it is a run from anti-happiness.

When one does not have a need for hesitation, laziness, and procrastination, there is no fear, and therefore no escape. The human leave this, and what cultivates in this human is intelligence and therefore action and total attention.

When there is nothing to run from, there can be no laziness, there can be no escape.

It is only the free human.