To be a Fan is to be a puppet.

Why are you a fan?

Can you watch a football game without worshipping a team or a specific player?

Can you read a book without attaching to the writer and make opinions about him or her?

Can you appreciate the game, the skill, the craft without becoming a fan of the other human, and at the same time making enemies that are against your guru, to which you now have a psychological attachment?

And every time some circumstance happens to your guru, you also feel pain?

Can you see the pitfall?

Your god has become your dummy doll, and every circumstance happening to the dummy doll feels like it happens to you.

You as a follower and a fan are attached to a safe haven for security and pleasure.

Seeking and chasing a moment of happiness through your master, your fan-man.

You are a slave to someone's talents you worship, hoping that the shine and the glory will be your savior.

You give a dime to receive a moment of “good feelings” just as established religions do for the sake of the reward from god.

Some give sex to their gurus for a moment of bliss. And the guru, seeking the same thing as you through their art gives it back for the same reason.

You fight others that do not worship the same as you, for they have another master, which they believe is the one to release them from pain for a short moment.

Can you listen to the music of an artist, without attaching yourself to the artist?

Because, why are you listening to the music in the first place? It is not to support the artist or to dig him or her.

No, it is the words and the tone that makes you dance in the rain, not the human.

Only after, the attachment to the other human of the origin of the material is present, as a mosquito in northern Norway seeking blood to survive.

It is a joy for you to listen to the very music, the appreciation of the text and sound waves that resonate with you.

But somewhere along the line, one starts to fall in love with the person and develop a hate/love relationship with the human one have never met, only seen through the lens of perfectionality as it appears in media and social media.

It goes from appreciation of their craft to an artificial relationship between you and your pet human.

Hating and loving,

starting to have opinions about what they say and what they do,

what they wear and how their hair is done,

who they date and what they make,

where they live,

how their personal relationship is,

what perfume they use,

you snap if they use Nike instead of Adidas,

when they shift teams, you go from blood fan to blood hate,

when they shift gender you cry in your bed or find yourself in euphoria…

You are producing beliefs, that an artist is somehow a buddha that never makes a mistake and is perfect in every aspect of their life, which is certainly not the case.

The reality is,

that you are only a fan, as long as your master of puppets represents your ideologies.

And when your master turns, you shift to another master.

So you are only a fan as long as your master validates your ideology and identity, representing your theoretical values as you want to live up to them.

Yes, this is what fans are, only puppets.

The truth is, that the relationship is not with the human you fancy.

It is between you and the craft this human performs.

If from now on, you continue to enter the game of entertainment, but the difference is that from now on, you cannot identify the person who entertained you.

Would you still be entertained, or would you lose the feeling you crave from the field?

That is a personal question for you.

Do you see? Or are you provoked?

I understand if you are.

How can you not be?

Your whole life has been to become a fan of one or the other.

If this is the norm, and all you have been exposed to is the norm, surely there is a big chance that you also will worship and become a fan, as the mediocre norm does.

And as long as you are among the norm,

you will always,

be a fan.



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