The epitome of intellectualism

What is intellectualism?

This very question is intellectual because I can label it, and give it a definition, but it will not practically do anything for me other than gain some knowledge.

Does knowledge have a place in a person day to day life?


The mind cannot bring out subtraction of what it comes in contact with.

When one is exposed to something, it has already stored the information as memory, processing the information based on its past knowledge, judging it, condemning it, agreeing or disagreeing with it.

You see, when the intellect is presented, one can understand academia and the theory and its practicality. How things work.

But does it have a deep significance to you?

Understand that I am not condemning or worshipping knowledge or intellect. I am simply exploring it, digesting, and refining it, to find out.

If you are thirsty, and a chap comes along and shows you a picture of water, will it quench your thirst?

What if I told you that water is structured as H2O molecules? Will that quench your thirst?

The intellectual might start playing a game to defend and say;

Well, you need to know that it is water to understand that it will quench the thirst and that your body needs it to survive.

And yes, it is true that it needs water to survive, absolutely. But look, this is the intellectual part.


I have a dog, and it does not know H2O or the health benefits of water.

Let the rest be up to you to decide if intellectualism is effective for you or not.

The danger with intellectualism is that the intellect will worship intellectualism as his god, guru, king, and so on.

He becomes attached to it, and the intellect will therefore become a part of his identity. Thus, everything that comes out as a reaction, is a somewhat static intellect.

It becomes his safe haven, his shield, his way of peacocking to show off.

A human that understands the pitfalls of attachment, will be able to be intellectual, but in use when it comes in handy.

Not as a ritual, but as his tool.

He can bring out dynamic, free-thinking and use whatever he got in his repertoire available to him, and not the other way around, being a slave to habits for pleasurable benefits.

You see, the very epitome of intellectualism for the sake of being intellectual is the very chains one is bounded by,

because the intellect becomes your master and not your tool.



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