The ending of the Fool

When a dispute takes place between humans, and anger and frustration rise, creating tension and verbal provocation that is thrown back and forth to ease oneself and at the same time hurt the other to protect one’s beliefs and opinions, I have to ask,

why don’t they see how foolish this quarrel is?

When a human rage against another, the rage is a reaction, triggered by something outside of him. The trigger awakens something inside that was already there, in one’s thoughts, or else the triggering would not take place.

Suppose one calls you stupid, and anger arises, what has taken place?

Anger arose because the self-image, the identity that the provoked has manufactured and accumulated over time is challenged, and the human day-to-day life is to protect this self-image with teeth and claws because that is all one has, the self.

So, when anger and frustration rise when being provoked, there is a consequence and fear, that the self-image is being attacked and there is something inside the human that entertains that the statement which triggered the anger might be true, thus the defense.

You see, the only way a human gets provoked is because the human that is feeling like a victim believes that the statement might be true, and it hurts the human because the manufactured self is deteriorating.

Now, imagine that a human is aware of the manufactured self.

That he has lived his whole life as an artificial robot, running around accumulating for possession like a squirrel, anxious like a lemen, communicating like a parrot, and physical like a cucumber, trying to get through the day where there lies an insult at every corner, taking every carrot there is to ease the struggle and at the same time endeavor to forget the self for a moment to gain a second away from anti-happiness for the trade of a moment of happiness.

What takes place, when one realizes that this is “what is”, the truth of his existence. That this is the day-to-day life of the need for becoming and furthering the manufactured self? If one sees and realizes the truth of the foolishness of this, what happens?

One leaves it.

One gives it up.

One is rational.

One is intelligent.

One is free from the need.

So, what has one actually left?

One has left the self.

One has become free of needing to become, to fulfill the feeling of unfulfillment, to constantly accumulate for a continuation of pleasing the manufactured self.

One has become un-slaved.

There is nothing to protect, hide from or fight back.

If a fool comes along, trying to provoke, the one who has realized the ground of foolishness is untouchable, unmovable, unaffected.

It is impossible to become angry or frustrated after being verbally attacked by somebody else because there is nothing that can be touched because the intelligence, rationality, and truth have revealed the whole game of the greater fools.

There is no; “I am better than you” or “you are X and I am dominating you”…

One does not even get into the situation because one is untouchable.

The fool won’t get out what he has craved to ease himself, furthering the manufactured illusions of his being.

When one has seen the biggest fools game and existence, which is one’s own self,

one becomes a god.



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