The Deceiver

One can only deceive oneself if one wants something.

If there is no want, one can not possibly deceive. Meaning, to deceive is to want, and to want is to be greedy and unsatisfied. What humans do, is they want more, to cover up the decisiveness and greed, and to get more satisfaction through pleasure, instead of looking at and understanding pleasure, greed, and satisfaction.

Why? Why not investigate?

Because the truth can be frightening. It is scary to unravel and examine it. It brings fear. So one escapes through more want.

Let us go into this for a moment,

humans are frightened of seeing their poverty of themselves. Therefore they crave more satisfaction through stimulation and this is greed. The greed to cover up more, to escape further, to not see what actually takes place. They suppress the greed and try to get rid of it, but it is impossible because greed is born out of their need for stimulation and that is born out of fear and fear goes hand in hand with pleasure and humans want the pleasure, so they naturally bring greed, and then they try to escape it.

Can you see how silly it is?

It is like pouring acid into a pool, then jumping in, and then trying to swim away from the pain it gives. It is impossible unless you understand that you must get out of the pool, and that is only possible if you understand that the water contains acid.

There must be intelligence taking place. And intelligence is when the brain discovers its own conditioning. When your mind understands what its capabilities are, and what it is incapable of. (I am not talking about knowledge and theories and intellectual academia).

So humans will go out to get help so the pain can stop. They take substances or take courses, listen to experts, and use prescriptions to get loose from the pain. They are demanding an answer and they demand security from the outer world to solve their problems. And this goes on for the rest of one’s life unless one sees what actually is taking place. Unless he sees the truth inside the very problem.

Suppose there were no experts, no teacher, no books, no drugs, no organization, no help, and the rest of it.

The problem is still there.

So what would you do?

Well, maybe you would start to look inside, for the first time. If the supply wasn’t available, you would start to investigate the core and root of all the problems and conflicts in your life, which is yourself.

And there is a great intelligence taking place. Wisdom. Freedom.



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