To change, transform a human being.

To change the society, to transform it.

It seems from reading the two sentences above that the human and the society are separated and are two different things. When a politician, leader, businessman or a regular person on the streets are talking about the society, the person often talks about it as a divisive thing. That the society does not apply to this person, that the person is outside of it.

The society are created by the humans. You are the society, and the society are you.

We are the world, and the world is us.

One can put himself in a contradictory place by saying “I don’t do it like most”. But when it is said, it is said by the means of and exterior happening. Like, I do not buy things I can not afford, like many in the society does. I live close to the woods and not in a city like most of the society does, and so on.

If the society are created by the humans, then it is not the exteriority of the human that has built it. This is only a detail and physical approach, like building a road.

The society are built by humans from their inner being, that is in connection with their outward machinery.

Since mankind started, the society has tried to change the society, and therefor humans, and therefor the individual, by changing the external world.

Capitalism, socialism, communism, technology, war, money, religions, science, western culture, eastern culture, and so on.

It tries to change the inner human-feelings and behaviour by changing the playground and the arenas. It is only scratching the surface and has done so forever.

It is the inner world of the human that can change the society and all the misery and chaos it has broth with it.

Is it possible for a human being to transform itself inwardly and therefore outwardly?

As long as the mankind are driven by their individual desire of chasing happiness, chasing pleasure, being robotic and mechanical beings of unconsciousness, living a lie behind masks, beliefs and identities, no outer change of arena will ever bring change to the human beings. The outer arena are then made by the conditioned human and will spine further in the same path.

Happiness comes from the the state of unhappiness. By chasing happiness, one must also then bring unhappiness. They are together and can not be divided. As with seeking pleasure, which comes from seeking happiness.

It will forever hunt to find its security, that brings about its insecurity.

Is it possible for a human being to transform itself inwardly and therefore outwardly?

Each individual

From within

First must wake up

And the society will change itself.

A thought comes, I write it down. I observe and examine the movement of it, to understand.