Most Opinions and Beliefs are useless

What is an opinion?

You yourself have probably had opinions, and you have experienced the opinions of others that came forward with theirs.

But what are they really?

Are they useful to you?

Do they provide you with something?

If you have an idea X.

And I came along and said, “X is shit, and I believe my idea Y is better”.

What usually happens is that the outcome is a dispute.

Then I ask;

but why can't both parties understand that the idea of the other is not the same as yours and then accept it, because this is the truth, humans have different views and ideas on a superficial level?

I will tell you why and you can do with it as you wish,

here it comes;

the very reason why dispute arises between people's contradictions to each other's ideas is that ideology has become a part of the human being and he is now attached to it, identifying oneself through ideas, beliefs, and opinions.

Think about a situation when another speaks his opinion, which is a guess, a belief, and you react in frustration to this guess because it contradicts your own ideology about the manner.

Can you see how vastly foolish this is? How ineffective this whole conversation is?

It is like seeing two monkeys fighting for who got the best point.

When this human sees himself as a person, his ideology is part of his personalized intricate being. It has become his signature!

One's own sets of neurons have been established in a specific structure in one's body, mind, brain, nervous system, or whichever name you want to give it.

The idea has become you, and you represent the idea.

When another comes along and contradicts it, you feel a personal attack because you identify yourself with the very ideology, and it feels like the trigger outside, a circumstance, attacks you, challenges you and kills a bit of you.

So what does an unconscious, ignorant human, lacking understanding do?

He blocks it and defends it with teeth and claws.

He goes into survival mode as the amygdala goes bananas, putting on a shield, hiding in his skull like a turtle, and picking up a sword to ready the attack while being blindfolded.

My evidence is the whole planet, just look around you in every aspect of life and see it for yourself. In politics, business, sports, philosophy, religion, family, friends, social gatherings, science, yourself…

I am going to ask you a question with curse words in it to put pressure on the text;

What the fuck do you care about what some other person's opinions are?

Well, I’ll tell you why,

It's because you value other people's beliefs and you do that because you value your own and have a direct attachment to it as your identity.

Yes, I said it.

Do with it what you want.

This is how human opinions become their aficionado.

The heavy enthusiasm about a belief that needs others to conform to survive. And when it doesn't, it becomes their downfall, thus the conflict.

Let us look at one example;

If a chap comes along and tells me that aliens exist on another planet, he says he believes it, he forms an opinion because he has never seen the alien himself.

Who am I a turn down his idea?

The truth is, that I don't know, and the only thing I know is that I have not seen aliens and I do not have knowledge or experience of the matter.

This is the actuality of the situation.

Let's look at another example;

One tells you she is going to become over 100 years old because she does not smoke, works out regularly, and has a healthy lifestyle.

Again, she does not know, so she forms a belief as her safe haven so she does not have to cope with a reality that is uncertain.

What about the CEO who believes he will be rich, famous, and so-called successful because he read Elon Musk's bio and is now following the very steps he did?

He comes along and says he will “make it”, but he does not know, and neither do I.

Again there is an attachment to the manuscript that brings security and opinions to escape the uncertainty.

You see,

a belief is another escape plan, and it needs confirmation from an outside source to survive.

It needs backup because it is fragile, fictive, artificial, and limited.

It is all a game of dodging the fear of uncertainty and insecurity.

It is very easy to identify a human that is trying to make the other human agree with them to support their opinions and beliefs.

If you listen to their tone, the perplexed enthusiasm in their voice, their words of choice, the length of silence between their words and sentence, and how they fire back in a split second if you do not agree right away, reacting as a parrot on ecstasy.

Even worse,

is when two or more people with opinions and beliefs talk to each other.

It is like seeing a game of ping-pong, battling opinions back and forth, where the objective is to protect their own beliefs to gather points for themselves, against the other, talking louder and louder. As if the belief becomes more true or gives more meaning to the other by raising their voice, attempting to convince the counterpart by forcing it down their throats, acting incoherently, irrational, and frenetic.

It is a complete waste of time!

Now, are all opinions and assumptions useless?

When a doctor has a patient in front of him and makes an assumption about what to do based on the evidence presented, he has an opinion because he is not sure. He may ask for a second opinion from another doctor to come to a conclusion about what to do.

This might be an example of its value.

A rational, free thinker never comes into an argument with a frenetic believer, because he detects them right away and understands that it is going nowhere no matter what he says or does.

He understands that the believer is habitual, conditioned, and blindfolded, and what he does is he stands on his mental platform/stage with a big flag with his opinion written with CAPS-LOCK on, trying to convince you, like a mad boy grabbing the microphone with a fist full of steel…

If a human finds oneself in confidence with insecurity, one does not form opinions on beliefs and guesses. And this can only happen if one realizes the truth and understands the actuality of every aspect of life and situation one finds oneself in.

One is totally free of it.

If a human understands the whole structure of opinions,

how they form,

why they arise,

if they are effective,

the consequences of them,

the need they bring,

the biologically form that gives birth to them,

attachment to them,

one starts another kind of movement.

One does not form them as a need that fishes after others to confirm them.

One is able to be aware of the pitfalls, communicating rationally without the rise of anger and frustration.

There is no need for convincing and pressure to turn others for one's own self-centered egoistic fulfillment and self-preservation.

There is only actuality,

and it does not care,

for a second,

what opinions Mr. X or Ms. Y brings.



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