Nothing creates problems like solutions

Nothing creates a problem, like a solution.

Must you fiks your creditcard debt?


Must you trim the grass on your lawn?


Must you eat healthier and work out if you feel heavy and live uncomfortably?


Must you run a bit to not get hit by the bus?


All of the examples and millions more are everyday problems, and yes they do have a solution to them that will make them stop…

…for a while.

It is like one person is hurt by the other, and now this person wants to hear the words “I'm sorry” from the other. And then the other says “I'm sorry”, just to get rid of the tension, and then both feel a little better and go on with their lives.

What just happened?

Both avoided the problem via the magic solution of “I'm sorry”, and of course, the problem will come back eventually.

For how long will “I'm sorry” hold?

I met a person once that had relationship problems. They ended up moving to a new place, to “start over” as he told me. So they moved, feeling a bit better for the moment, staying occupied with the solution as moving takes a lot of time and effort.

Did the problem remain? Will it come back?

What do you think?

If one does not see the actuality of the root of the problem, it will come back in one way or another, in one field or another, in one arena or another.

All the problems one has comes from thought, which is created by the mind.

The major problem is that when humans do not have the ability to see their thought, its process, its movement becomes proprioceptive, meaning, it does not know its own movement and action as it creates. The problem occurs when a thought arrives and creates a feeling, which creates another thought, and so on. If the human does not see and recognize this, he will simply be reactive to the feeling instead of conscious of this very thought that came along. This creates self-conflict because if the human cannot see, he will not understand, and therefore he only reacts to it reflexively and irrationally, following an impulse.

Let me ask you something;

Do you want to manage your problems, or do you want to completely dissolve them?

I’ll let you answer that.

One may think that problems are good because they are what make one develop.

If that is your belief, then it is, and you are the only person who can find that out for yourself. If you need problems to develop, then go make more problems and solve them by looking for solutions.

You see, a solution to a problem, without understanding the problem is just a quick fix. It is like trying to play football without the ball. They need each other.

It is like fixing an airplane wing with duct tape so that it works the next trip.

And so, you go manage it again with more duct tapes, and as you do, the wing gets a little more broken every flight, until it completely falls off.

Why do people go screaming through the streets looking for solutions to their problems?

I’ll tell you why,

because they’ve been taught to.

There is a psychologist, a strategist, and a life or business coach, on every corner selling solutions.

The reflexive jump towards the solution is not an attempt to solve the problem. It’s an attempt to avoid it.

In fact, most problems follow a man forever because he always turns his back on them in search of a solution.

The exploration of the problem leads to understanding and understanding dismantles problems. And once the problem is dismantled, what use is a solution?

Let me tell you a secret;

The solution to any problem lies at the very root of the problem. And the search for the solution perpetuates the problem.

Read that again;

The solution to any problem lies at the very root of the problem. And the search for the solution perpetuates the problem.

Good luck



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