Master of puppets

Man craves to belong.

He is in love with groups, culture and society, and he wants to become.

To become the master, the master of puppets.

This is his downfall.

This is all he knows.

Because he does not know who he is, and are to afraid to find out.

So he finds an identity, and puts on the mask.

He is an ostrige and a peacock.

99.99% of people have been living a movie as drama of events,

and they played the lead role.

Just a victim of circumstance.

Just a follower of a self-made contract of roller coasters, swinging up and down.

Just a buyer of the sells that sold hope and wishes.

What a happy chap, wanting to become, to become the master of puppets.

Understand this:

The more Relevant,

The more True,

The more Genuine, something is,

The less of an audience

It will attract.

Because the audience is composed of ears that seeks shit.

And the man wants to become, to become the master of puppets.

An open mind, comes from a life long understanding of one self.

If you try to force to have an open mind, you do not have an open mind.

You only suppress with an ignorant mind.

Which breaths unfortunate consequences.

And then, you become the master of puppets.

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