Love, Hate, Cause, Insight, Thought

Insight must be independent of thought.

If not, insight is just another thought, and by default, it is not insight, it is another process of thinking, of thought, which is always old, which is always a product of experience stored in memory and therefore cannot be new, pure, intelligent, creative, and fresh. It will then always be corrupted by the past.

Insight can change the thought process. Insight has the possibility to change thought and thinking, and therefore the brain and its structure as matter.

Love has no cause, insight has no cause.

Hate has a cause, thought and thinking has a cause.

Insight and thought are independent of each other, but insight can change thought, and thought can not change or affect insight.

When a mind wants security, it’s looking for answers in the field it is operating. It does not like uncertainty, so it is running around, clinging to everything that has the possibility of giving certainty. This is a mind that does not enquire or investigate.

It is not still. It is in chaos. It is dull.

What has a cause, cannot act on that which has no cause.

What has no cause, has a direct effect on that what has a cause.

Love, insight, and harmony have no cause, it can change the material thinking of hate, pain, and turmoils.

Love and hate cannot co-exist.

But, if one is hating, and by default has a cause, a direction, a vector to hurt, it cannot have an effect on harmony, love, and insight.

Can you see it for yourself?

A young child that is met with hate, will not respond with hate.

A grownup that is met with hate, will most likely respond with hate.

In the world of science where matter is measured and analyzed, this is hard to grasp because in science everything is affected both ways. A = B and B = A.

In the world of psychology and mentality, it is not always so.

The action of insight has an extraordinary effect on the material process.

As insight is causeless, it is then not born out of cause, but as we have established, it can have an effect on that which has a cause. So, that which has a cause, always living in the pattern as old knowledge, can be whipped out from that flash which is a causeless insight.

Do you follow?

If a man is hateful with a cause, and suddenly he has an insight of what the hate is, and what it does to him without thinking and analyzing the hate, which is himself, he will see with clarity that hate is poison and he will abandon the hate, and therefore break the pattern of him, hating.

He will step out and be free from hate and confusion.

Peace is causeless,

Violence has a cause,

Humans’ whole life is cause after cause,

Yet one seeks the causeless, which can not be found through cause.

A natural question arises when reading this;

“How does one get to a causeless insight?”

The “How”, implies a cause.

The causeless insight breaks the pattern and makes a new one at the same time. It now uses it to be rational, wise, intelligent, and logical. It is not corrupted by hate, it is free to learn, love, to live in harmony. It is totally new. It has changed and altered the brain and its old pattern.

The brain now has energy that has been illuminated by insight.

It has a surplus, it is fresh, free, and young.

It acts differently.

It has changed,

…and the human will follow.



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