I + Becoming = Road to Hell

The self, the “I”, is a manufactured image of what and who one is.

The human being is a product of what one has been exposed to as well as the biological DNA one has.

If a human had been born in the woods like Mowgli and never seen the modern world, the human would be shaped by his environment and the iPhone would be useless to him.

So, the human has the “I” and this is one’s center which is pretty much where all operates from.

Just look at the world and you will see it in all domains.

I have heard that the purpose of the Christian cross as a symbol was the “I” with a horizontal line over the “I”, eradicating the “I”, the self, the center.

The “I” is the mother of all problems.


As a human has built a manufactured self, there is an enormous attachment to the self. Because the self is the center and the most important thing to a human, he will attempt to protect the self with teeth and claws. Always re-acting to its needs, (not the physical need of survival as eating etc).

If a human would understand that the self has no meaning, no purpose, that the self is conditioned from exposure to the masses, one would see with clarity and without effort and pressure that the self is a concept, constructed upon ideologies and rituals, that it is just a habit machine re-acting to circumstances. And because one wants to protect this manufactured, artificial self, the human resists the daily circumstances that do not fall into one’s preferable outcome.

You see, the human will then spend his life trying to change circumstances, and never have an insight into what this self actually is. So the human activates the protection system. Run, battle or hide. Always living in fear, always waiting for a consequence that lies at every corner of one’s life.

You see, when one has a causeless insight, one can see the poison, and then one abandons the whole idea of protecting the self.

How come?

Because there is nothing to protect.

There is no battle, no escaping, no hiding. Only a total awareness of every situation as it is. Living truth, not trying to bend the reality.

If a human had the capacity to look at what one actually is and accept that without struggle and force, one would live the truth, and the truth is problem-free, it is only the truth.

It is as clear as saying that when it rains, it gets wet, not trying to meditate that there is a sunny day.

But, what a human does is he takes a stance, he tries to BE-COME, not to BE, but BE-COME something to escape the reality. Why? Because the reality can be harsh to a human, conditioned to live an artificial life that one has been living for X years. It is too hard to bear.

So the human takes the I and he adds the BE-COME-ing, and the result is an endless chase of trying to put out fires and new circumstances are just waiting in line for the human to deal with.

It is absolutely the most horrible way to live.

It is a turmoil with no end.

And all the systems and self-help and religions and spirituality come in and give the human an orange pill to swallow so that the human can escape the unhappiness and gain a moment away from that, which society calls happiness.

You see, when it is realized that; I + Becoming = Road to Hell,

one abandons it totally naturally. On genuinely steps away without any effort, and without an outward force. One does not have to do anything.

The mechanical life the human lives is exactly the same, but none of it is no longer bothering one. It is not a problem. There is nothing to dodge. It is nothing to battle. Nothing to hide from. Nothing to escape from.

Once this insight hits, it is without a cause, and it completely alters the mind,

and the human has become free, rich, alive, young, harmonic, energetic,

free to do whatever one wants without no barriers or hindrances.

One is simply,

the truth.


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