Fooled by Consistency

Valerij Daniloff
4 min readApr 24, 2022


Almost at every corner, there is the phrase,

“be consistent” or, “consistency beats talent” or something like that.

Although those statements might be true, humans use consistency as a tool.

They apply it through effort and discipline to achieve something they want in the future. So they make plans and schedules to become consistent because it is common and popular and ideological so that if you are consistent you will “make it”

Think about it with me if you wish,

the reason why one must apply consistency is that one is not consistent and has not reached his goals. He has heard somewhere that if you work on your craft a little bit every day, you will achieve your goal and prosperity will be yours. Isn’t this so?

But, if the human really wants something, if it is very clear to the human about what he wants, what he needs so bad that he cannot live without it. It is everything this human thinks of and is devoted so badly to it that nothing else matters, so this human must act upon it genuinely. Does this human have to make a plan and schedule that he must do the so-called “hard work” for 30 minutes a day and then post it on social media for validation from others that do the same?

It seems to me, that a human has seen something or someone that has something in their possession whether it be a nice car, big house, fame, sex, power, dominance, and all the rest of it, so the human that sees this starts to measure, analyze, compare, judge and then produce thoughts of pleasure.

“I want that lifestyle, traveling, have fame, validation from others, good feelings” and so on…

The human has made an idea from his thoughts that life will be better and that is stored in memory as knowledge and experience from the past. Because the human is conditioned to think that those things mentioned earlier will fix the human, he creates pleasure from those thoughts and it feels good to think about it, like an addict taking an orange pill. So the human, because he is clever and cunning, creates a path to pleasure which brings pain and is born from fear, brings a tool to get the carrot in the future. The tools are many and they vary, but they all come from the same source, and here we are talking about the tool of consistency.

What the human does not understand, is that consistency cannot be forced upon as a mechanical tool. Humans are trained to think mechanically about everything through intellectualism, so they apply the process to the non-mechanical world as if it is like driving a car or following a recipe to make pancakes.

Consistency cannot be used like that.

You do not have to believe me, just look at your own experience or at somebody else who has preached about their consistency. If using consistency as a mechanical tool actually worked, if it was effective, then there would be full of successful humans everywhere in their fields, but that is not the case.

So what is consistency?

We have to dig into that question to understand it.

Consistency comes by itself when the human does what he cannot help to do. When the human is devoted to his craft, whatever it is, he will simply act here and now, without following a rule and a schedule. He does not need to manufacture his genuine longing for something he wants to do.

Consistency is a need to do what you must all the time.

It is trying to bring order and steadiness to the roam of work to reach a goal.

Do you think that a serial killer has a schedule for when he is going to make his next move? He does not need the consistency tool, he is simply consistent with his needs, though they are evil, he is still more consistent than anybody you know that has a schedule.

What about an athlete that craves winning so bad that he spends all of his time on the field, working on his craft. He does not apply the hack of consistency, he simply does not have a choice.

Or the businessman or entrepreneur that is working 12 hours a day so that others may buy his product or service so that he can reach his goals whatever they are. He is consistent, but not because he has added the tool, it is because he cannot do anything else.

One thing that must be understood, is that when I talk about the humans that naturally do their work for a long time, and are genuinely consistent, I am not talking them up, nor am I talking them down. They are not good because they are naturally consistent. They are not superhumans because they need to do whatever they do to fill up their needs. They simply have a calling so bad, that they cannot do anything else.

So if one is to apply consistency to work on his thing, he has brought an idea to solve the other idea of pleasure in the future. This, by default brings pain, sorrow, depression, and anxiety. Pleasure must bring it because they are not separate from pleasure, but humans think they are, so they want to cherry-pick the good and leave behind the bad. This has never worked and will never work.

If the human has the capacity to look at what pleasure is, and understand it deeply, it will by nature bring an extraordinary intelligence, wisdom humbleness, and harmony.

This human will be free from the turmoil that the prescriptions and hacks and tools and artificial manufacturing bring the roam of creativity and art.

This human has the energy and capacity to work on whatever he wants, and never have to make a plan about when to work on it ever again.

He will simply act.