Efforts are for the unserious

Valerij Daniloff
3 min readJul 14, 2022


Why do humans practice effort?

All over the world, there is this notion and romance of efforts.

Effort is another word for struggle.

It seems like If one struggles, one is worthy to get a reward. It is as if one deserves to get what one desires if one has experienced struggle and done efforts.

But is this actually so?

I have never heard about or experienced a human that has reached what one craved through efforts and struggle. Never!

What do I mean by that?

Surely one has put in many hours and experienced pain along the way and all that.


but, they have only come along for the ride as consequences and bi-products of something much deeper.

Allow me to explain.

Let us look at two individuals, person A, and person B.

They are in the field of reading books.

Person A has a natural and genuine desire for reading, so this person reads for 3 hours a day. Not because she clocks in and out, but she is only reading as her abilities speak to her as her craft.

Person B has heard from social media, that if you read, you will become smarter and that the best CEOs read a book a week, so he wants to become, and then he applies the reading as a tool to change his nature because he does not like to read in the first place, but he feels that he should. So, he makes a plan and hangs the plan on the wall to remind himself that he is going to read for 1 hour a day.

Now you tell me, who is doing the most effort and struggle?

Person A puts in more hours than person B, but who is bringing efforts to the table? Who is pretending? Who is applying hacks and who is genuinely mastering their abilities?

I do not have to give any answers, you yourself can make up your mind around the example above, whatever it may be.

Efforts are of no use for the genuine human.

If you are playing football, and it is very cold or hot outside, your body do not want to do it, but you, as your consciousness want to play, so you play. This is effort, but it is not the same, psychological effort that detoriorates you.

As you can see, there is a difference.

If you understand the distinction between the effortlessness of consciousness, and the effort of the body and the mind, one is not a victim of this turmoil.

The psychological effort does not come with a value, only stress and anxiety to become something else that is in most cases a pleasure chase.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding of the origin of this whole effort process.

If you want to do it, then you do it.

If you don't want to do it, then don't do it.

There is no should and efforts are only born from the should.

If you want to do it, there is no effort.

If you don't want to do it, and then you go do it because you hope that by doing it, it comes with a reward, there is effort. You are trying to cut a deal with a belief you have, and the belief is;

I give you effort, you give me a reward.

Basically, this is what religion is doing. One gives a prayer, and God gives one's wishes in return.

This is the place where all nonsense come to being.

When one is caught up in the endeavor efforts, one struggles. When one is struggling, another clever parrot comes along and says; “You should develop courage”, so one feels pressure, and then another chap comes along and says; “Diamonds are formed from pressure”…

and on it goes, digging deeper and deeper for absolute nonsense.

It is all a game,

and the effort-individual is lost no matter the outcome.