A life with rules

There is nothing wrong with rules. Nothing.

It is just that, the ones seeking rules to become intelligent, sincere, successful, devoted, and genuine, will not benefit from them, and the ones who are intelligent, sincere, successful, devoted, and genuine, do not need them because they already do what the rules intend to sell.

So, rules are not wrong or right.

And they have a place in the mechanical world and the technicality of things.

If rules on life in fields like creativity and artwork did work effectively, there would be a lot of success stories. There would be evidence that reading another success story worked.

But what is the evidence?

Does 50% of people who follows and read rule-based success stories become like their master of worship?

What about 30%?

What about 10%?

What about 0.00001%?

Have you ever heard of one?

I only know that I haven't.

One must find out for oneself, and turn as many stones as needed to figure out what works and doesn't.

So rules are fine,

Prescriptions are fine,

Manuals are fine,

5 step self-help plans are fine,

How to make it best-selling books is fine,

Meditation for 15 minutes a day is fine,

Believing your new or old guru is fine,

Cool quotes like “love the process and fail well” are fine.

None of them are wrong.

None of the rules are evil.

None is a crime.

It is just that they do not produce the outcome it has promised, or the outcome the believer wants them to give.

Do not believe me, just look at the evidence.

I will leave the conclusion to you, and if you want to make a rule of that,

It's fine.



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