A true master

One who

From the moment he wakes

Devotes himself

To the perfection

Of whatever he pursues

He does not ask how to, he does not follow, he does not care of opinions, he does not need to compete, he does not need to prove

To Understand

He devotes himself utterly, seeking a stillness of mind

No Mind

He only lives a devotion of truth. The only genuine life that there is and will ever be.


Picture a world like the one you live in, but from now on nobody can ever see other people. You cannot experience other humans with your senses. You live exactly the way you do right now, but from now on no other humans appear.

And everybody else has this…

In my earlier work-life I used to work at a mental institution where the inmates were people suffering from various mental illness, one of them was depression.

My job was to assist in security, support and well-being of the people who lived there.

The people who suffered from depression and…

Have you ever felt, that when you attend in a group, inferiority comes creeping. Especially when there are consequences awaiting.

There is no confidence.

If the gathering contains competition of social hierarchy, and you attain, then most certainly you will be in a state of inferiority, lack of confidence to…

When a person lives from the standpoint of his or her personality, disorder arises and will tend to find the state of being inferior.

When the self-image has been established, anything that counteracts it will be felt as painful.

Because of this, the human will protect the self-image and say…

G — Greatest

S — Student

S: Sir, how did you become the greatest?

G: There was a time when I was not. My skill was locked and hidden from myself.

S: Please tell me more because I feel this way to.

G: My talent was always there, but I…

I once came over this show. I cannot remember the name of it. But this specific episode was about this famous psychologist counselling a couple. He was to advise, tip and teach them on how they should go forward in fixing their relationship that was in a turmoil situation.


A human experience what is known as conflict, every day.
It arises, and it vanishes, as a cloud on the sky, or leaf in the river.

Society conflict
Country conflict
City conflict
Village conflict
Social media conflict
Job conflict
Marriage conflict
Children conflict
Parent’s conflict
Religion conflict
Neighbour’s conflict
Dalai Lama conflict
Elon Musk conflict
Meditation practitioner conflict
Monks conflict…

A long time ago, when I used to read the news, I often saw harsh comments in the comment section in digital newspapers. People was throwing out solutions on how the world should work and they had the answers. …

Every addiction creates Attachment

Attachment creates possibility of Consequence

Consequence creates Fear

Fear creates Conflict

Conflict creates Confusion

Confusion creates the need for “the addiction”

Addiction creates more Attachment…

Understand that the word Addiction is containing the work Dict — Ad(dict)ion. Dict means in latin — Said, told, claim.


Valerij Daniloff

A thought comes, I write it down. I observe and examine the movement of it, to understand.

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